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Your Insurance May Declare the Car Total Loss

With more than 450,000 vehicles declared written off* by insurers in the UK each year, many of us have either had our vehicle written-off, or know someone who has.

Most people assume that vehicles are only written-off by careless driving or in road accidents, but fire, vehicles stolen not recovered, and those that have suffered malicious damage can also be declared written-off by your insurer, and a majority of insurers will usually pay only the market value of the vehicle at the time of write-off.

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What is GAP Insurance?

For many people this means that there is a financial shortfall between the amount they receive from their motor insurance settlement, and the amount required to purchase a similar vehicle.

GAP Insurance pays the difference between the market value settlement and the price you paid for the vehicle, meaning potentially thousands of pounds back in your pocket, and with cover starting from as little as £5.95 per month, it's peace of mind while you're motoring.

Underwritten by one of the world's largest and well-respected insurers, AXA, GAP Insurance is available for you to buy online now, or you can call one of our friendly team who can answer any questions you may have and arrange your cover for today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market value of your vehicle constantly decreases and that's exactly where the GAP products we arrange protect you - as the market value of the vehicle decreases, the potential benefit to you will rise.

We do this in two different ways, depending on how recently you purchased the vehicle. If it's within the last 30 days, we'll use the invoice price of the vehicle (e.g. what you paid for the vehicle itself) through our "Return to Invoice GAP", or, if it's beyond 30 days ago, we'll use today's valuation from Glass's guide, our "Agreed Value GAP".

Whichever value your policy is starting from, from that moment you're protected from a shortfall in a comprehensive motor claim up to that value. So, if today's value was £15,000, and in 6 months you needed to make a claim and the vehicle is then worth £12,000, the GAP policy would pay the difference of £3,000, returning you to the £15,000 valuation from the day the cover started.


If we then move our example forwards another 6 months, and the same vehicle is now worth, for example, £10,000, the GAP policy would pay the difference of £5,000, still returning you to the total of £15,000. The idea is that no matter where you are in the policy, in the event your vehicle is written off, you know exactly how much you will receive in total between your motor insurance, and the GAP policy.

If you'd like to discuss the specifics for your vehicle, just call our friendly team on 0345 467 8000, or get an instant quote online.

Unlike motor insurance, which is compulsory under the Road Traffic Act, GAP insurance is an optional cover and so you are free to choose if the cover is right for you.

In making that decision, many drivers perceive themselves as careful, and unlikely to experience a write off. Whilst it's true the majority of drivers are indeed careful, unfortunately vehicle write offs can be outside of your control. With the rising cost of vehicle repairs, insurers are writing off more and more vehicles each year - and if your vehicle is stolen, unless it is recovered intact, it's more than likely to be written off.

Around 384,000 vehicles are declared written off by insurers in the UK each year*, and over 80,000 vehicles were reported stolen in between July 2015 and June 2016 alone**.

*Direct Line Group 2016. **Office of National Statistics (October 2016)

If you'd like to see how GAP could protect you, just call our friendly team on 0345 467 8000, or get an instant quote online