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Giving Regulated and Non-Regulated Dealers MORE

Compliantly offering insurance products in the dealership requires training, an understanding of the latest compliance obligations, and a great deal of time and effort.

The profits offered by these products add to your bottom line, but the processes are often time consuming, and every sales person would rather have more time on the sales floor with the customer, doing what they do best.

This is why we have created a programme designed to take all the hard work out of selling complementary insurances, without sacrificing your additional revenue. We want to help put more of your customers on cover, without it taking a minute of your time in the showroom, by giving you MORE.

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InsureThat is rapidly becoming a competitive force in the insurance market with tens of thousands of policyholders nationwide protected by our products.

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Our Missed Opportunities Revenue Evaluation is simple. We provide you with marketing material for our market-leading GAP Insurance, which you hand to the customer in the showroom. Our dedicated team of trained, friendly advisors will then contact them post vehicle sale, to compliantly offer them insurances you wish to provide them with at an affordable and attractive price, including a referral fee which goes straight back to you.

No costs. Just a compliant, profitable and effective way to offer customers GAP, and increase revenue.

Underwritten by one of the world's largest and well-respected insurers, our prices are set to be attractive, and our coverage competitive. Your customers will appreciate excellent coverage for a great price, without any hard-sell.

It's arguably the simplest decision you'll make today. Sign up with InsureThat and get MORE.


What is InsureThat?

InsureThat is a market leading consumer insurance specialist with first class customer service - we want your customers to join our tens of thousands of policyholders across the UK through our simple and innovative offering.

Since our launch into the automotive sector in 2015 we have become a competitive force in the market, working with all sectors of the industry across the UK providing best in class cover with straightforward, clear and compliant advice.


We make it simple for youand simple for your customer.

What makes us different?

In order to provide your customers with GAP insurance, typically you'd need to undertake time consuming and costly processes in order to do this compliantly - but with InsureThat, it's easy; we do all of that for you.

In order to provide your customers with GAP insurance, typically you'd need to undertake time consuming and costly processes in order to do this compliantly - but with InsureThat, it's easy; we do all of that for you.

We provide you with all of the marketing materials you need for our market-leading insurance policies, we provide you with the knowledge and our dedicated team of friendly advisors take over once you have handed over the vehicle.

Simplicity is key - we know you are busy people and have customers waiting for your time so the insurance needs to be handled in a very short process - we only need you to dedicate two minutes of your time to our product when dealing with your customers.

As an Introducer Appointed Representative we want to make the process simple - safe in the knowledge that our pricing is one of the most competitive on the market and your customers will enjoy a free 30-day no obligation period of our insurance policy.


You can tell your customers that they will enjoy clear, unbiased advice and if they have to make a claim, the leading insurers we work with are renowned for their quick, hassle-free and efficient claims handling.

The process is a simple, quick, effective way to offer customers insurance policies without any additional cost to you whilst at the same time increasing revenue.

At InsureThat we are proud to offer the best products and services in the market and our team of experts are passionate about what we do. Our GAP insurance is underwritten by some of the world's largest and most well-respected insurers, offering competitive rates so your customers can enjoy excellent coverage for a great price - without the hard sell.

What's in this for you?

What is the benefit to you and your sales team?

  • There is a scheme for everyone regardless of the size of your business - our national team of experts ensure your customer knows everything about the policy after they have left you knowing they have 30 days of cover completely free.
  • As our Introducer Appointed Representatives, you will not be offering advice (and incurring the costs of doing so) but simply introducing your customers to our products.
  • We are also able to work with a range of regulatory models.
  • Your customers are not automatically signed up but simply offered free GAP insurance for 30-days through a simple online portal system we will provide to you free of charge with their consent.
  • We are the extra arm of your sales team - we deal with the paperwork once the customer has left your dealership and ensure your customers are dealt with in the same way as they have been dealt with by you. Your reputation is safe in our hands.

What is the benefit to you and your sales team?

  • Earn

    Earn £10 for every introduction made to us (i.e. every car sold!)

  • Earn

    We want to increase your revenue and help you to retain your amazing staff members.

  • Earn

    We have Introducer Appointed Representatives in new and used vehicle dealerships across the UK where clients have enjoyed seeing a further revenue increase.

  • Earn

    We offer a range of incentive schemes for you and your staff to boost engagement.

  • Earn

    Working with InsureThat means your business success works alongside our business success - we want to be successful together.

Scheme Benefits

What you get from InsureThat at no cost to you...

A leaflet to hand to the customer, a script to read to the client, a portal to enter the customer information in simple easy steps or an email to send to the customer.

Branded high quality point of sale materials to display in your dealership.

Initial training and on-going training throughout the partnership with InsureThat.

A relationship with your friendly, dedicated account manager so your team knows they can call at any time.

Monthly revenue statements and performance reports per site and per sales representative.

Face to face or virtual reviews in your dealership.

Regular, monthly payments.

Confidence you are part of a national InsureThat network of partners.

GAP Insurance

We want you to become an InsureThat partner - so simplicity is key

How does it work for you?

As a valued partner you will enjoy the following benefits through the streamlined process:

A dedicated account manager to answer any questions.

As your principal, we undertake the necessary checks and due diligence to ensure we remain compliant.

A review process takes place following submission of your short application before sign up takes place.

Once your application is approved and authorised by the FCA , your account manager will activate you on our systems and you will have access to our InsureThat dealer platform.

Training will take place so your sales team is comfortable with the platform and all marketing materials and they are confident to introduce our products.

But that's not it! Our team will carry our regular reviews and continue monitoring so you are enjoying all of the benefits from working with us.

And once you are up and running as an InsureThat dealer we are only a phone call away - you are never on your own.

What's left? Enjoy the monthly statement of revenue we will send you so you can track the positive impact InsureThat is having on your business growth without you spending a penny.

Becoming an InsureThat dealer - the process

Dealer Process

How does it work for your sales team?

We talk to our partners regularly and discuss their success and what works for them - the monthly statement is key to measuring that success. When we see the revenue increase following an increase in leads we ask them what they have been doing differently to make it work for them and their customers? Equally if the revenue drops we ask them why and ensure we can help them change that pattern.

We know our InsureThat partners will always give their customers a warm welcome, build a rapport, talk about part exchange and the new vehicle they are looking for and show them their options.

This stage is crucial for your team - the vehicle demo! This is the moment the client will love it or hate it - or maybe they are not quite sure and want to demo the next vehicle.

This is the point where our partners (your sales representatives) introduce the 30-day free GAP insurance idea.

The following hours, days or maybe weeks will involve a follow up call, visit or demo, some customer negotiation and hopefully an order for the vehicle.

This is where InsureThat comes in again. Your sales representative can now remind the customer about the GAP insurance and offer them the 30-day free policy before registering their details on the portal.

And just a thought for the GAP insurance for the third and final time when your sales representative completes the sale and then sends the activation of the 30-day InsureThat GAP insurance via the simple and easy portal.

How GAP Insurance works

What are the benefits of GAP Insurance?

  • Underwritten by leading insurers
  • Combined return to invoice and finance
  • Transfer of the policy to a new vehicle
  • Pro-rata refund
  • Single premium or pay monthly options

What are the benefits of GAP Insurance?

  • Modified from original specification
  • Owned by a leasing company or a business who sells or services motor vehicles
  • Transfer of the policy to a new vehicle
  • Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in weight
  • Powered by a rotary engine, fuel cell or LPG
  • Non-passenger cars, motor caravans, kit/replica cars
  • Any vehicle not imported by the manufacturer
Dealer Process

What are the InsureThat Products?

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More than 450,000 vehicles are declared written off by insurers in the UK each year* and insurers will usually pay only the market value of the vehicle at the time of write-off. This results in a potential shortfall between the amount the customer receives, and the amount needed to buy a similar vehicle.

  • Information

    GAP Insurance bridges the gap and pays the difference between the insurer's market value settlement and the invoice price of the vehicle or the amount due to settle the finance agreement, whichever is greater at point of loss.

Car remote
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It is vital we protect your brand as much as we protect our own...

...a regulatory compliant and transparent journey will be offered from start to finish by InsureThat and we expect our partners to offer the same.

Any data passed to us by you is GDPR compliant and protected within our secure systems, only used for the purposes we have agreed and then destroyed.

Every step of our sales process is compliant and it is vital for our Introducer Appointed Representatives (IARs) to understand how and why - they have a responsibility to ensure they understand what is and is not accepted when promoting the InsureThat products.

The Financial Conduct Authority states that as an IAR you are able to perform non-real time financial promotions of products. What does this mean for you and your valued customers?

When your staff have a discussion with a customer about a product and answer personal questions about that product - it is classed as happening in "real-time" and this is not permitted.

How can my staff speak to customers about InsureThat products and services then?

We started off by saying our process and products are simple so we will continue with this simple way here.


What CAN you do as an IAR?

  • Distribute the InsureThat generic flyers
  • Display the promotional posters and banners
  • Distribute generic emails to customers
  • Use the scripts we provide
  • Direct customers to the friendly InsureThat team to answer any further questions

What is an IAR not allowed to do?

  • Perform calculations or quotations
  • Explain the products to the customer
  • Answer personal questions from customers (These personal questions include - is this product /service right for me? Will this product work as I expect? Should I take a longer period of cover?)
  • Act as an employee of InsureThat
Essential bubble

As a business if you take any personal information (even the basics of name, contact information and address) and then 'process' that data in a paper filing system or an electronic filing system or you supply that data to third parties such as InsureThat then you need to register with the ICo (Information Commissioner's Office).We would suggest you already are registered but we will need to see evidence of this as part of the application process along with your GDPR and privacy policy.


What Our Clients Say

Having previously experienced many challenges within the GAP market, we have found the InsureThat approach very refreshing. Their scheme has not only increased positive consumer outcomes but has made the whole process much simpler for our sales team and as such we have seen the benefits across our whole business. Since our initial launch, the InsureThat team have been fantastic, providing training sessions for each of our 25 sites, branded POS materials and a robust online portal fulfilling the regulatory requirements. InsureThat have continued to deliver both ongoing support at ground-level and detailed statistics and analysis at management level.

Rodger Pitcher, Group F&I Manager, Van Monster


No - there's no cost at all for our partners. EVERYTHING is free - training, marketing materials, telephone support, monthly reports and face to face visits. By partnering with InsureThat you can increase your revenue at zero cost to your business.

Yes; our talented in-house software team can provide a number of ways to connect your systems (e.g. DMS) to ours so you can introduce customers even more seamlessly.

No - your monthly earnings from the InsureThat introductions your team make to your customers will be paid as one sum to you directly as the business owner. However your monthly statement will list the individual members of staff and how much revenue they have brought in. It is your decision if you distribute that revenue to each individual staff member each month or not.

Yes - we would encourage this. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will then be able to give you the answer straight away but also speak to the customer direct.

No - the customer can go to any dealership to buy their replacement car once they have got their settlement figure. However, our research and feedback surveys show that our partners find the vast majority of their customers return to buy their new vehicle and tell them how thankful they are that they were introduced by them to GAP insurance.

No - you are still able to offer other insurance products provided by other insurance companies but not GAP insurance and you are not signed up for a fixed period. You are welcome to stop offering our InsureThat products at any time - however we hope you will be so happy with our simple, hassle free process that you will stay with us!

Of course - competitive sales representatives love a challenge! Our established partners often set a monthly prize or allow their team to choose an away day destination or activity with the revenue for that month or even for the year!

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If you are part of a vehicle dealership and wish to find out more regarding the GAP scheme, and how you can become involved in our Dealership GAP Schemes; please fill out the form below and we shall be in touch.

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