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What is the best exercise machine to buy?

Posted on 2nd Mar 16 in Latest News by editor
Having an exercise machine in your own home can be a great idea if you want to exercise more often, if you want to do so in private or if you find that other forms of exercise just aren't working out for you. Owning an exercise machine can also be more.

New cars in the EU will inform the authorities of a crash

Posted on 26th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Cars sold in the EU will be equipped with automatic phone-calling capabilities from March 2018, alerting the authorities, whenever the vehicle thinks it's been involved in a crash. more.

Ruggie - the snooze-proof alarm clock

Posted on 25th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
We've all been there. The bedside alarm has started its familiar beeping/ringing/music/whatever and, desperate for just a few more minutes sleep, we've reached over and hit the snooze button. Then hit it again. And again. Then, suddenly, it's panic stations as we've reached our absolute limit - or even fallen more.

Should I attempt to DIY fix my appliance?

Posted on 25th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Do-it-yourself solutions have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and not just with regard to decorating and general refurbishments around the home. More and more people are looking to fix appliances themselves rather than call in a professional or go to the expense of replacing the item entirely. more.

A washing machine that fits in your pocket?

Posted on 24th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
As the great American tennis player once said: "You cannot be serious!" more.

Jaguar Land Rover trials autonomous cars

Posted on 24th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is leading a project to trial autonomous and connected vehicle technology on 41 miles of public roads. It will be the first project of its type in the UK, although other developers, most notably Google in the US, have pioneered similar programmes. more.

VW sales drop 14% after emissions scandal

Posted on 22nd Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
The British new car market has enjoyed its best January for more than a decade, but Volkswagen has not reaped its share of the rewards. Following the diesel emissions scandal, sales of VW-branded cars have plummeted. Sales of other brands owned by Volkswagen, including Seat and Skoda, also fell. more.

Tesco recalls slow cooker due to shock risk

Posted on 22nd Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Tesco has put out a recall request for some batches of its own-brand slow cooker that were sold last year. Customers are being asked to return Tesco slow cookers that have a capacity of 3.0 litres or 5.0 litres and batch codes running from 150501 to 151031. Customers that have more.

Tesla cancels customer's order for "being rude"

Posted on 21st Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
It has been claimed that larger-than-life Tesla CEO Elon Musk personally cancelled a customer's order for a new Model X car worth upwards of $130,000 after the customer made a rude complaint criticising a Tesla launch event. more.

Is your slow cooker poisoning you?

Posted on 20th Feb 16 in Latest News by editor
Slow cookers might have had their heyday in the 1970s, but the devices have made a culinary comeback over recent years. It's easy to see why. Slow cookers can take the hassle out of stews and other one-pot recipes. As they can be left to get on with the cooking more.