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Volvo Control your car from your watch

Posted on 30th Oct 15 in Latest News by editor
Volvo is bringing its remote control On Call app to the smartwatch, allowing you to access a range of neat features from your wrist. Already available on smartphone, On Call allows users to control a number of functions from a distance, such as checking your doors are locked or warming more.

Volvo XC90 named Auto Express Car of the Year

Posted on 30th Oct 15 in Latest News by editor
The new Volvo XC90 has been named the Auto Express Car of the Year. It also drove away with the prize for the best large sports utility vehicle at the London-held awards. more.

BMW unveil hydrogen car

Posted on 30th Oct 15 in Latest News by editor
BMW has unveiled a hydrogen-fuelled car that actually lives up to its promise. The German manufacturer has been working on hydrogen-powered vehicles since the mid-80s, but previous model the BMW Hydrogen 7 burned hydrogen in an internal combustion engine. The company has since switched tack to using hydrogen fuel cells. more.

Motorists targeted in Crash for Cash scams

Posted on 30th Oct 15 in Latest News by editor
Crash for cash scams have become part of the car fraud landscape in the UK and, unfortunately, they might be on the rise. According to Crimestoppers the frauds are worth around £400 million a year and the profits are often used to fund other crimes, including drug and illegal gun more.

Driver drives 40 miles in a "crushed" car after accident

Posted on 30th Oct 15 in Latest News by editor
A motorist has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after continuing to drive for an hour, covering a distance of more than 40 miles following a crash, despite having his car crushed. more.

The top up and coming shows on Sky

Posted on 28th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
The new shows coming to Sky TV in the near future represent some of the most exciting upcoming viewing opportunities. more.

Checking faulty goods

Posted on 25th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
Faulty appliances are more than just an inconvenience. Replacing large items is time-consuming, frustrating and occasionally expensive. They can also lead to greater damage across the home in general, such as flooding from a broken washing machine, fridge or dishwasher. Even worse than this, at the extreme end of the more.

Getting a 3D Television

Posted on 24th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
The rapid development of technology, and in particular the increasing accessibility of luxurious and innovative consumer technology items, has led to some of the most remarkable changes to how we entertain ourselves in the comfort of our own homes. The sort of technology that was previously only available to the more.

How does a multiroom package work?

Posted on 14th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
Sky multiroom (now Sky multiscreen) is one of the most useful TV products on the market at the moment, especially for families or households with multiple occupants who, as is so often the case, happen to have different viewing tastes. A subscription to Sky multiroom allows people in the same more.

Purchasing a Tumble Dryer

Posted on 10th Jan 15 in Latest News by editor
A tumble dryer is a fairly important appliance in any modern home, and is especially helpful in households with large numbers of people and a large amount of washing that must be done regularly. A good tumble dryer will significantly speed up the process of doing the laundry as well more.